Beaverlodge Pioneer Campground
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An excellent stopping spot on the -best- route to Alaska. 29 sites with 10 sites offering full service / power hook-ups. A washroom/shower facility is located in our beautiful log camp shelter. Shelter also has a lovely covered cooking/picnic area. Dumping station located on the NE corner of the campground. Opens mid-May with power service - and water available after the risk of freezing passes. Closes for the season mid-October weather permitting. Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates.

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Giant Beaver Sculpture, Agri-Plex, Beaverlodge Cultural Centre, Parks & Playgrounds, Riverbend Golf & Country Club, South Peace Centennial Museum, Saskatoon Mountain, and Sportsgrounds. The campground is conveniently located next to a grocery store, pharmacy and liquor store.

A person who enters or stays in the Campground shall comply with all the following rules and regulations as well as any that may be posted on any sign or notice in the Campground.

1.  The maximum length of stay in the Campground is fourteen (14) consecutive days, unless otherwise permitted by the Campground Manager.

2.  A person when occupying any campsite shall not exceed one (1) vehicle, one (1) Camping Unit, and six (6) people, unless otherwise permitted by the Campground Manager.

3.  A person shall:

(a)  Complete the Self-registration process

(b)  Pay the camping fee as displayed at the Campground

(c)  Not occupy a Campsite when that person is not registered

4.  A person shall ensure that an animal in his custody and control

(a)  Does not run at large

(b)  Is on a leash at all times

(c)  Does not become a nuisance by making excessive noise

(d)  Does not leave feces deposited within a Campsite or the Campground and the person shall remove the feces immediately

5.  Livestock is not permitted in the Campground at any time unless permission has been granted by the Campground Manager.

6.  A person shall not operate an Off-highway Vehicle or permit an Off-highway Vehicle to be operated within the Campground.

7.  A person shall not:

(a)  Cut, break, or in any way damage or deface any vegetation or landscaping

(b)  Walk, stand or sit in or on any flowerbed

(c)  Damage, deface, or remove any Campground property.

8.  A person shall:

(a)  Not litter in the Campground and shall deposit litter in letter receptacles

(b)  Leave a campsite in a clean and safe condition that does not require additional clean-up or special maintenance by the Campground Manager

(c)  Leave any washroom, toilet or shower facility in a clean and safe condition that does not require additional clean-up or maintenance by the Campground Manager

(d)  Not bathe or wash clothing, fish or cooking utensils, vehicles or other things art or near the fresh water supply or water pumps

(e)  Use an RV hose to dispose of liquid waste known as grey water to sewer water

(f)  Dispose of liquid waste known as grey water or sewer water only where permitted within the Campground, and

(g)  Use only the supplied fire pits for any open campfires within the Campground

9.  A person occupying a campsite shall not engage in any form of activity that disturbs or interferes with the rest, peace and enjoyment of the Campground by any other person during Quiet Hours nor shall a person engage in nuisance behavior.

10.  A person shall not drive or park any vehicle or camping unit at any location within the Campground that is not designated as a Campsite, unless permission has been granted by the Campground Manager

The Campground Manager may evict a person from the campground for violation of any rule set out herein.

Violation Tickets may be issued for any contravention of these rules.

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