Campground Description

The Corridor Campground has 25 fully serviced sites nestled amongst the trees and gardens of an old farmstead. All sites have municipal water and sewer and 30 amp power. The Corridor Campground is right in the town of Beaverlodge within a short walk of many amenities such as Food stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, hardware lumber and outdoor stores. Services also include gas stations, mechanical shops, veterinarian, upholstery, seamstresses and more all in walking distances of the Corridor. The campground itself has fire pits at each site, except some that can not be used due to fire risk. For these sites, there will be a common fire pit made available. We also have Garden spots available for the people who are going to be with us all summer. A horseshoe pit, volleyball net for the older kids and a sandbox and the natural woods for the younger ones, this should help keep them occupied. We also have a 5G tower very close, so we have excellent cell coverage, just in case your kids have devices. This is phase one of our transformation of our farmstead into a campground, therefore there will be NO PUBLIC WASHROOMS OR SHOWERS FOR THE SEASON OF 2022. I hope if you choose The Corridor Campground for a night a day a week or more that you enjoy your stay and help shape what was planted here on this farmstead decades or more ago. Thanks management

Local Attractions

The Corridor Campground can be found on the western edge of "'The Grande Prairie" part of the northern reaches of the interior North American Great Plains.

The Corridor Campground takes its name from its geographical position in North America.

When you travel North of the 49th Parallel a long  the west side of the great interior plain and on the leeward side of the Rocky Mountains you are in the Ice Free Corridor!! An area where the two major Ice sheet that covered most  of Canada in the last glaciation period joined.

 It is through this area between the ice sheets that a corridor opened up around 14000 years ago and allowed people and animals to pass through from Alaska (Beringia) to populate the rest of north and south america.

 Much archeological work has been done on the corridor and other routes, such as coastal migration. More discoveries will be made, but the corridor remains part of the narrative.

 As in the past and present and the future, The Corridor will remain a portal, now for many people making a journey North or South.

The Corridor Campground is in the town of Beaverlodge which has  a Recreation center with an indoor swimming pool, weight room. Schedule and admission cost are on their website. 

To the north out of town 1 mile is the South Peace Centennial Museum. Celebrating  over a hundred years of European farming and settlement in the area,  The first being The Bull outfit  who came to the fertile valley of the Beaverlodge River in 1909.

 If you would like to go back in time, drive back east on Highway 43 to range road 92 and go north to the top of Saskatoon Mtn. This was the site of a US radar base pine tree line base from 1952 to 1963 then Canadian  radar base till 1988 till it ceased operations. In 1988 some history of the mountain was revealed from an archaeological dig that put human habitation at about 9000 years ago. So, if you look west to the Rocky Mountains, you will  be standing in the footsteps of North American first nations ancestors.

 If you would like to go further back in time, just 15 minutes east of beaverlodge on highway 43 is the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum built in 2015 housing many fossilized collections. Please check their website for hours of operations. 

I hope you will enjoy your stay in our area, these are just a few of the sites to see in the area.


Campground Amenities

  • Common Fire pit area
  • Firepit (Campsites)
  • Firewood (Charge)
  • Pet Friendly
  • Picnic Tables

Campground Services

Campsite Types

  • Pull Through Sites
  • 30 Amp Hookup
  • Powered RV sites
  • RV (60+ feet)


  • Beach Volleyball
  • Horseshoe Pits

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QUIET TIME is from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, however loud or offensive music or noises will not be tolerated at any time. This includes vehicles idling. No visitors after 10:00 pm.

WASTE WATER is not to be dumped onto the ground. Please use the sewer facilities at your site with the approved connector, or the sanitation station at the town campsite.

TREES/VEGETATION in this area are fragile. Please do not damage any vegetation. Picnic tables must remain on the gravel pad. No scavenging of wood.

SPEED LIMITS is 10 km per hour (6 mph). At times dust conditions may dictate that your speed be reduced.

PETS are welcomed, but their owners must be well trained. Please keep all pets on  leash and do not leave them unattended. Please use the walking trails through the trees of the park. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet(s).

GARBAGE should not be left at your site. Please deposit garbage in the large refuse bins. Recycling bins are also available. No garbage in fire pits.

ATV's are not to be operated in the park without park owner approval. Any washing, servicing, or repairing at your site is not allowed.

LAUNDRY facilities are available across the highway at the car wash. No clotheslines or hanging clothes around your site.

VEHICLE any washing, servicing, or repairing at your site is not allowed.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be enjoyed at your site but are not allowed in public areas or buildings.
CANNABIS may be used inside your RV. No cannabis use outside your RV.

PARKING is limited to one RV and one vehicle per site. Please park on your gravel pad only and not on vegetation and roadways.

FIRES are restricted to the fire rings located at the site. Do no relocate the fire ring. Please refrain from large fires. No scavenging of wood or burning of lumber or pallets. The manager reserves the right to restrict fire. Fire sensitive periods or Town of Beaverlodge fire restrictions not all sites have fire pits due to fire hazards, common fire pits are available

CHILDREN GUESTS are the responsibility of their parents/hosts at all times. Please enjoy our natural areas. However, the forests have natural hazards and children should be supervised by an adult.

SCREEN ROOMS must be pitched on the gravel site and not on the vegetation.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours must be provided. 

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