Campground Description

The Athabasca River flows right past our newly developed, private, RV park conveniently located only 10 minutes from the town of Athabasca. We have decided that we need to share a spot that we love with others. We felt a need for large, secluded, private sites that are spread out on over 60 acres that allow people to get away from everything, but not be far from town. We love this little spot as it has so much to offer. You can swim by the island when the river height is low, conveniently park your riverboat right out from the day use area, fish, canoe, kayak, and even paddleboard, we are only 8km down river from town. There are many trails to walk, run, hike, or pedal bike. If you'd rather take in a round of golf, it's only a short 5 minute drive to the Athabasca Golf and Country club!

Local Attractions

Athabasca Golf and Country Club

Athabasca Trail System

Athabasca Regional Multiplex

Grand Rapids Wilderness Adventures

Peace River Trail System (ideal for ATV's)

Trans Canada Trail (foot, bicycle, horse traffic only)

Paddle Ur Way - Kayak, Canoe, Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Kapawinihk Wilderness Triathlon - the second weekend of September brings runners, bikers, and paddlers together for this wilderness inspired race put on by Parallel 54! Join as a soloist or a team for a day of inspiring camaraderie! Sweet swag and craft beer await you at the finish line(which just so happens to be at our RV Park) check out event information on their website!


Campground Amenities

  • Firepit (Campsites)
  • Firepit (Common)
  • Firewood (Charge)
  • Garbage Cans and Recycling Bins
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Parking Lot
  • Pet Friendly
  • Picnic Tables
  • Walk-in Sites

Campground Services

Campsite Types

  • Pull Through Sites
  • Big Rig Friendly
  • RV (60+ feet)
  • RV (<20 feet)
  • RV (<30 feet)
  • RV (<40 feet)
  • RV (<50 feet)
  • RV (<60 feet)
  • Tent


  • ATV
  • Beach
  • Boat Launch
  • Cycling trails
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseshoe Pits
  • Kayaking and Canoeing
  • Offroad Trails
  • Trout Pond

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River Meadows RV Park Policies and Code of Conduct Agreement


• These Policies form part of the License Agreement signed by the Occupant for the use of a site at the Park

• These Policies may be amended at any time without notice

• It is the Occupants obligation to ensure it and its guests are in compliance with all

Policies as amended from time to time

1. RV and RV Site:

• RV Site is for use by the Occupant and its guests only

• RV Unit cannot be rented for use by others except with prior permission from the Park


• RV Unit must be portable and remain portable at all times

• RV Unit shall at all times be roadworthy, licensed, and insured as required by

applicable laws

2. Park Conduct/Quiet Hours:

• Park quiet hours are from 11 pm until 7 am daily. Visitors are not permitted in the

park between these times.

• Disorderly conduct, loud music, excessive noise, unruly behavior drunkenness,

obscene language, obnoxious, disruptive or vulgar behavior, will not be tolerated

• All radios, television sets, stereos, phonographs, etc. must be turned down to a level

that does not annoy or interfere others

• The Occupant shall control all of its guests and permitted pets to ensure the peace

and privacy of others

• Those not complying with these Policies will be asked to comply and if they do not will

be asked to leave the Park

3. Alcohol/Drugs:

• Alcohol is only permitted on a Site and excessive use will not be tolerated

• Underage drinking and illegal drug use are not permitted

4. Off-highway vehicles (ie. dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, mini-bikes)

• Not allowed

• Quads, side by sides golf carts permitted on roadways following speed limits. This is

to allow access to different areas of the property only.

5. Site Improvements:

• No improvements to the Site shall be made without first obtaining the Park owner’s

prior approval

• Fences are not allowed

• Hot tubs are not allowed

6. Tidy Site:

• Sites are not to be used for storage or anything creating an eyesore as determined by

the Park owner

• The Occupant is responsible at its own cost for keeping its Site neat, tidy and clean,

grass trimmed, weeds removed and the exterior of its RV Unit and permitted Site

Improvements in good repair. Failing to do so will result in the park cleaning up the

Site at the Occupants cost.

• Only furniture and accessories suitable for one RV Unit as determined by the Park

owner are permitted on a Site

7. Vehicles:

• Occupants and their guests shall only drive their vehicles on designated roads, trails

and parking areas

• Only two vehicles are allowed per Site

• Non-operative vehicles are not permitted and may be removed by the Park owner at

the Occupants expense

• Disassembly, building, rebuilding, or repairing of any vehicle or vehicle parts is not


8. Permitted Pets Only:

• The Occupant must have the prior consent of the Park owner to bring a pet into the


• The Occupant shall dispose of all pet waste promptly and properly in their household


• If pet waste is not disposed of promptly and properly in their household garbage the

Occupant may be charged $100.00 per violation

• Pets shall not make noises that disturb others

• Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and not be left unattended. 1 violation

warning will be permitted, further violations will result in no pets allowed for


• All pets shall have current vaccinations and licenses

• The Park owner has the right to refuse entry into the Park and ban any pet from the

Park at any time for any reason

9. Septic

• Septic disposal is located off site. All units are required to haul out and dispose of

septic at the designated dump station in Athabasca. Grey or black water disposal on

property is not tolerated and will result in a fine and immediate eviction.


• A dumpster is provided for normal household garbage generated in the Park

• All garbage must be disposed of in the dumpster and the lids kept closed when not in


• Littering is not allowed

• No garbage shall be left outside an RV Unit

11. Posted Signs:

• The Occupant and its guests shall obey all posted signs at all times

12. Open Fires:

• Not allowed except in designated fire pits on your Site

• A working fire extinguisher is required to be in your RV unit while it is occupying the


13. Tents:

• Not allowed except with the prior approval of the Park owner

14.Occupant Guests:

• The Occupant shall ensure that it and its guests do not disturb the quiet enjoyment of

anyone using the Park and

• The Park owner can limit whomever the Occupant wants at its Site for any reason by

reserving the right to refuse entry to unsuitable guests

15. Firearms/Firework’s:

• No firearms of fireworks are allowed at any time

16. Tree Removal

• No dead or alive trees shall be removed except with the Park owners consent

17. Children:

• It is the responsibility of all parents and/or guardians to ensure their children play

safely in the park

18.Park use is At Your Own Risk

• All use and occupancy of space at the park is at your own risk.

• River Meadows RV Park is not responsible for damages caused by other campers,

wind, fire, rain, flooding or other weather-related natural events.

Registered Campers are at all times responsible for the conduct of themselves, their

children and their guests while on the property. All occupants are entitled to quiet

enjoyment of the facilities.

Violation of the code will result in some or all of the following progressive actions:

1) Verbal warning

2) Written warning

3) Ban from the property

Cancellation Policy

Reservations can be cancelled and refunded with a $20.00 administration fee up to 30 days prior to check in date. No refunds are given within 30 days of check in date, however, you can transfer your reservation to a different date based on availability.

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